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    Call of the Crow - Newcastle 2014


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    Call of the Crow - Newcastle 2014

    Post by thedaffodilfish on Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:16 am

    Call of the Crow

    The three-eyed crow calls you to Newcastle's first ever Game of Thrones LCG tournament on January 18th 2014. This will be our first meetup of the new year and everyone is welcome regardless of whether or not they have been to one of our play days before.

    The format will be joust (1v1) with around five rounds of play, depending on the number of people who show up - the more players we have, the more games we can play! After the rounds there will be a cut to a top 4 or a top 2 to decide an overall winner, again depending on number of participants.

    The event will start at 11am and we'll have a lunch break around 1 to allow for food and to give certain individuals a chance to refill on caffeine.

    All packs up to and including "Forgotten Fellowship" will be legal for play.

    There will be a small entry fee (in the region of £2) to fund prize support for the winner and a Sansa prize for the last placed player. We also have some alt-art Wildfire Assault cards that will be given out as participation prizes.

    Note that you need to bring your own deck and, as is standard in tournaments, you must keep the same deck throughout the day. As this will be a casual event with newer players (hopefully) in attendance, we encourage older heads to try out different decks or to give tier 2 builds a runout for the purposes of fun and enjoyment. Houses like Bolton, Dayne, and Tyrell are always looking for play, and the Night's Watch is always in need of recruits!

    Finally, we realise that some people may be afraid of attending a tournament for fear of losing all their games or because they don't feel like their deck is competitive. The thing is: don't worry! Losing games is inevitable, and tournament games are still good because, after the first round of play, everyone will be matched according to their current win/loss record. So please don't be worried about losing every game because chances are you will be playing against people of a similar ability at some point. And even if you do get the most losses, you'll get the Sansa prize, which we guarantee will be good. So it will be worth coming no matter what happens!


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