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    Battle of Blackwater Bay: London 2014


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    Battle of Blackwater Bay: London 2014

    Post by thedaffodilfish on Wed Jan 15, 2014 9:10 am

    The London meta is proud to present "Battle of Blackwater Bay", London's event in the "Road to Stahleck" tour for the A Game of Thrones LCG, taking place in Dark Sphere on the weekend of the 26th-27th of July.

    Format: Details are still in the process of being confirmed, but we're looking at a 2 day event, either with Joust on the Saturday and Melee on the Sunday or simply a 2 day Joust event. There will be swiss rounds followed by a cut to Top X, determined by the number of players. We are looking for opinions before deciding for certain, so let us know what you want! There will also likely be side-events featuring the other LCGs, such as Netrunner and Netrunner.

    Entry Fee: TBC once we determine the exact format and the extent of the prize support. We're anticipating about £15, but this is not yet confirmed. Pre-registration is highly recommended, so we'll know how many people to prepare for.

    Prizes: Prize Support is currently TBC, but rest assured there will be prizes worth fighting for!

    Of course it should go without saying that FIRST PRIZE is FREE entry and accommodation for the 2014 Stahleck event!

    Card Legality: the cut off point for which cards are legal will be confirmed nearer the time, likely to be all packs that have been released in the UK by 14th July.

    Decks: All decks must comply with standard deck building rules, as well as the most recent FAQ released by Fantasy Flight Games on the date of the tournament. Opaque Sleeves and Deck Lists will be required.

    Many thanks to Dark Sphere for their hosting of the event!

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