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    [Madrid] Battle for the Wall 2015!!!


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    [Madrid] Battle for the Wall 2015!!!

    Post by Aioria on Mon Dec 29, 2014 12:44 am


    Swords alone cannot hold this darkness back. Only the light of the Lord can do that. Make no mistake, good sers and valiant brothers, the war we’ve come to fight is no petty squabble over lands and honors. Ours is a war for life itself, and should we fail the world dies with us. Demons made of snow and ice and cold, said Stannis Baratheon. The ancient enemy. The only enemy that matters.

    A Storm of Swords

    The freezing winds blow stronger every day. Days grow short in the North. But not the North ruled by the Starks, or the cold North of those who knelt, land of castles and fortresses, tamed forests and lonely wolves. It is the true North, the one beyond the Wall, on the other side of those crows that agonize and shiver in cold, further north from the land of the wildlings. The place the white walkers come from...

    As every winter, an ancient and frozen evil is coming back, and its shadow moves inevitably to the south, threatening to bury in darkness all Westeros. The land where great Lords play their game of thrones, where armies are moved in a war between brothers. The land where families kill each other for a span of land, a piece of cloth with an embroidered animal or for a throne made of swords. None of them know true solitude, the true cold. Fools. Soon enough know the meaning of despair.

    One year more, the shadow in the north comes towards us. The white walkers, specters of cold and ice, march south threatening us, the ones that play The Only Game that Matters. Guardians of the Wall, gaunt crows and exhausted wildlings, those that blew the horn of Winter, cry for the help of the brave defenders of Westeros. The ravens travel with a call for help. And the King in the North will answer! What news will come from the nest of vipers that King’s Landing has become? Will the powerful lions of the Rock send any response? What news will we have from the other side of the world, from the Mother of Dragons and her khalasar of a thousand tongues? Will the Kraken rise from the abyssal depths to lead the Ironborn to the north? What role will Dorne have? Will the lord of Dragonstone wake up like the dragons sleeping in the stone?


    The fourth edition of Battle for the Wall starts here and now!

    After the success of the three previous editions, and consolidated as one of the big tournaments in the national and international meta, this year we come back to the fight, loaded with new and exciting ideas!

    Battle for the Wall will take place on the weekend of the 14th and 15th of March 2015. This year we will be repeating venue in the School of Mining and Energy Engineering of the where we held last year’s tournament with great success. Starting from right now, registration is open, with 128 limited slots. You can get further information of the venue and the best transport options to get to the tournament in the section LOCATION.

    So now we can give you some hints about the news and the prizes that we will have this year.

    As it is usual, we will count one more year with the great illustrator Nacho Molina, that already worked with us in the three previous editions (you all remember his amazing house cards, epic pinups and commanders!). One more year Nacho has renewed his compromise in the defense of Westeros and this time he will amaze us with a new set of house cards that will be exclusive for Battle for the Wall 2015 and all its participants, and that will leave you breathless for sure.

    Many things have changed from the last edition of Battle for the Wall: we even have an announcement of a new edition of our favorite game, the only one that truly matters. And in Battle for the Wall we have decided to be pioneers once again. If we already inaugurated the system of recruiting a professional illustrator and give exclusive House Cards to all participants, tendency further followed practically by all the great tournaments at a National and International level, now we want to be the first ones to offer you cards thought to be used in the new edition.

    How is this possible? We barely know anything about the new format. But what we do know is that there will be two new factions. In regards to the information given in the 2014 AGoT World Championship in Minnesota and what has been concluded from Fantasy Flight Games advertising in the same event it seems pretty sure that one of the new factions will be House Tyrell. The eight one seems to be between House Arryn and The Night’s Watch. From the Staff of Battle for the Wall we have decided to bet for this last option, as we consider it has much more charisma, design and personality. And if we are wrong we’ll always have the option of having a “neutral” house card for your participants.

    As now we have something new, we are also going to retrieve for this new edition something old. And what is there that is more iconographic of Battle for the Wall than our incredible Pinup House cards?

    This year Nacho Molina is going to surpass himself with a new revisión of the 2013 collection,updated in a new format, with a new framing, approach and style. For 2015 we are going to take back all the sensuality of the Pinups, but with a touch of elegance and class never seen before. That is why we can announce that this year there will be eight House Cards, and they will represent the elite of the Great Ladies of Westeros. Many characters will be reconceptualized and reviewed in regards of the second edition of the game, and at the same time we will include new ones. Yes, we know what you are thinking… we will have Ygritte and Margaery!

    We will also keep the prizes that are characteristic of the Champions of Battle for the Wall. We'll keep the prizes that are known to the champions of Battle for the Wall. This year we will have a very special trophy for the winner of the tournament, as well as the usual bye round+accomodation+registration fee for the A Game of Thrones LCG European Championship, the tourney of Stahleck.

    The runner up and third classified in the Joust tournament as well as the champion of our side event, along with their trophies, will have great prizes that will be related, obviously, with the world of A Song of Ice and Fire.

    ¿Side events?

    Yes, plural. Because this year we will not only have a classic like the Melee (multiplayer format) with great prizes and exclusive promos for the participants, but we are going to double up our bet for The Bear and the Maiden Fair format, where we will count with the usual game kit and some interesting news, as well as the revision of some rules according to some of your suggestions from last year (The Bear and the Maiden Fair is an alternative format for LCG AGoT for two players, designed by Álvaro Rodríguez, 2013 AGoT LCG World Champion).

    And of course, we'll do our best to keep up with the spirit of the tournament, flooding you with prizes, gifts, giveaways, etc. We want to remind this every year: Battle for the Wall is an event made for fans by fans. The best of A Game of Thrones is the community of great people that play this game. And that's the spirit we want to build on this year. Our goal is to have all players receive something and make of Battle for the Wall the great celebration of AGoT in Spain, beyond the competition and the great champions, a tournament for all the players!

    So keep yourselves alert in your post, awaiting the call of the horn. Remember: A single blast of the horn means brothers returning, two blasts for foes approaching, and three blasts… the others. And four blasts… Battle for the Wall!!


    The Staff of Battle for the Wall 2015.

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