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    A starting deck. str8forward dothraki military


    A starting deck. str8forward dothraki military

    Post by ryujinjaka on Thu Nov 28, 2013 2:35 am

    Agenda: Heir to the iron throne
    Loyalty money can buy
    Focused Offense
    After the mummer's Ford
    Muster the realm
    Forgotten Plans
    The Power of Arms

    2x Thundering cavalry
    1x Battle of Ruby Fort
    1x Street of steel
    1x Vaes Dothrak
    1x Blood-Crazed Screamer
    2x Bloodrider
    3x Killer of the wounded
    3x Eastern Fiefdoms
    3x Refugee of the plains
    3x Summer sea
    3x Horseback riders
    3x Deadly Khalasar
    3x Bitter crone
    3x Destitute horde
    3x Overwhelming Numbers
    3x Pike Phalanx
    3x Drogo's Horde
    3x Myrish villa
    3x Seductive Promise
    3x Great Pyramid
    3x Khal Drogo (qod)
    1x Grat pyramid of Meereen
    1x Jhogo (core)
    1x Daario Naharis (wll)
    1x Aggo (ror)
    1x young griff (vd)
    1x ser jorah mormont (wll)
    1x rakharo (ig)

    Many cards may seem like double edged knives ,but u can spin it to ur advantage. High claim values are there to cripple ur opponents game and u get drogo to search for the the dothraki that u need in the particular game. Again its a str8 forward deck,good to start playing with ,in my opinion,since all targ decks that do well now are burn which is control oriented nad needs a bit more experience.

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