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    Stahleck 2014


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    Stahleck 2014

    Post by thedaffodilfish on Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:19 am

    Tourney of Stahleck 2014

    From Wolfgang:

    "2013 wasnt that bad i guess, however 2014 will be better!
    this year we have been experimenting with a few new things (playing venue, live stream, prizesupport, ...), next year we will have a complete 3-days event with more players from more different countries.

    the date is already confirmed, so you can start your travelling plans now for 21-23 Nov 2014.

    some first glimpses:
    - Melee Tourney on Friday will also start in the morning (10.00) and will be finished on the same day.
    - Joust on Saturday (not sure yet if its possible to finish this one on the same day as well)
    - a new format on Sunday. the Greek meta came up with a cool idea ..."

    I hope it's a draft format for Sunday, but if my chat with some of the Greek players was anything to go by then it's likely to be a team / 2v2 event.

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